Barry Stein

Decembeard Canada 2017

Hi Everyone,

Our Decembeard Canada campaign is upon us once again! Decembeard is an important international campaign to create awareness for colorectal cancer prevention and screening.

As many of you know, I was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer in 1995 that spread to my liver and lungs.If I was more aware of the disease and had been screened for colon cancer in time, I could have avoided years of treatment and surgery and lots of pain and suffering for myself and for my family. Fortunately, things turned out just fine after much hard work and some pretty, pretty, scary moments, I now have no evidence of disease.

I know that colorectal cancer is preventable, treatable and beatable, that’s why I have devoted my life since 1995 to making others aware of the disease, supporting patients and their families and advocating for colon cancer screening programs across Canada, as well as equal and timely access to effective treatments to improve patient outcomes.

It doesn’t have to be a death sentence and together we can make a difference. Since 1995 we have made huge advances in prevention and treatment and we have been able to help so many others change the course of their disease and save so many lives.

Whether or not you can grow a beard, please support us in this effort and register yourself (yes women are welcome too!) on this site to encourage others to support your commitment to eliminating colon cancer once and for all!

Funds are used to promote colorectal cancer awareness and screening and support for patients in Canada. Thanks so much for your support!Barry


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